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The “JuryBall” book and app reveal the power of big data in litigation and trial law

The “JuryBall: The Big Data Revolution is Here” book by Alicia Campbell, John Campbell, and Sean Claggett reveals how statistical analysis and empirical methods can help attorneys win more frequently and secure larger verdicts. Discover strategies for enhancing case and jury selection, leading to superior client outcomes.

The JuryBall app revolutionizes jury selection by utilizing advanced analytics to streamline the process and enhance decision-making. It allows trial lawyers to efficiently analyze juror data in real time, enabling them to build stronger cases by selecting the most favorable jury possible.


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Revolutionize your legal strategy with JuryBall

“JuryBall” describes proven methods for turning good cases into historic wins, offering a clear path for attorneys to not only meet but exceed their clients’ expectations in today’s data-driven legal landscape.

About the Book

The Big Data Revolution is Here


Alicia Campbell, John Campbell & Sean Claggett

JuryBall App

Jury Selection Made Easy


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Discover how “JuryBall” can elevate your legal strategies to new heights. Click below to explore more about the revolutionary book or to see how our innovative app can directly enhance your courtroom effectiveness.

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