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A groundbreaking book

“JuryBall: The Big Data Revolution is Here” is a groundbreaking book that delves into the transformative power of big data and scientific methods in the field of litigation and trial law. The authors, John Campbell, Alicia Campbell, and Sean Claggett, argue that by harnessing the power of data and rigorous analysis, trial outcomes can be accurately predicted and dramatically improved. The book challenges the traditional notion of law as an art form driven solely by intuition and experience. Instead, it advocates for a more scientific approach, where empirical questions are asked, tested, and answered using large datasets and systematic methods. The authors contend that this data-driven approach can help attorneys select cases, shape discovery, prepare witnesses, value cases, choose juries, and try cases with unprecedented precision and effectiveness.

Throughout the book, the authors explore the emerging technologies and methods available for studying cases, provide practical guidance on working with data, and share insights from their extensive research and experience. They cover key metrics such as win rate, damages, fault, credibility, and more, offering concrete examples of how big data has turned good cases into record-breaking verdicts.

Four main sections

The book is organized into four main sections:

  1. The Paradigms Fundamental to Understanding and Using Big Data, which explains how a scientific, big data approach to preparing cases is changing the work of trial lawyers and argues that studying cases, improving them, and then studying them again in an iterative process will fundamentally change how lawyers work;
  2. Lessons from Data and the Modern Use of Data, where the authors explore what big data can do by working through the primary metrics measured when studying a case;
  3. Applying the Lessons: Taking the Data Off the Page and Plugging it into Your Case, which provides concrete and practical guidance on workdays, in-person focus groups, the use of experts, preparing opening statements, examination of witnesses, and closing arguments; and
  4. Putting It All Together: How Big Data and Hard Work Turned a $10 Million Case into a $485 Million Verdict, offering a concrete case example of how big data turned what would typically be a $10 million case into a historic $485 million verdict.

Key takeaways

Some key takeaways from the book include the idea that there is no universal formula or “Rosetta Stone” for winning cases, and that every case is unique and requires a tailored approach based on its specific facts, parties, and circumstances. The authors argue that attorneys should view their cases as products and the jury as the consumer market, conducting market research, testing the product, refining it based on feedback, and targeting the most receptive consumers.

They also emphasize that embracing big data does not mean disregarding the valuable lessons taught by renowned trial attorneys, but rather that data can enhance and fuel the strategies advocated by these legal luminaries.

The book stresses that attorneys cannot be great trial lawyers alone, and that they need outside perspectives to combat confirmation bias, which is especially prevalent among plaintiff attorneys. Finally, the authors highlight the growing use of big data and advanced analytics by defense firms, arguing that using big data is no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity for plaintiff attorneys who want to level the playing field.

A compelling vision of the future of law

“JuryBall: The Big Data Revolution is Here” is an essential read for any attorney looking to harness the power of data and scientific methods to achieve better outcomes for their clients in an increasingly data-driven legal landscape. It offers a compelling vision of the future of law, where science and art combine to deliver unparalleled results for clients and is a must-read for any attorney looking to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.

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